Edurobotics 2016 | Accommodation


We recommend Athinais hotel ( for your accommodation.
Reduced rates for conference participants have been guaranteed.

Αποτέλεσμα εικόνας για athinais hotel
Hotel location: click here

Please see information below for prices and how to book. Please note each booking will need to be made individually with a credit card number with expiry date.
Single room: 62 euro per night (including taxes and breakfast)
Double room: 70 euro per night (including taxes and breakfast)

Accommodation bookings should be made directly through the hotel, following the booking instructions below: 
  • You should click on  to fix the check in and check out date as well as the preferable number of guests in the room (1 or 2).
  • Do not forget to insert the PROMOCODE (ΚΩΔΙΚΟΣ ΠΡΟΣΦΟΡΑΣ in Greek) which is EDURO2016
  • You should  confirm the booking by typing down your name and your credit card details (these  guarantee your reservation). Once you follow these steps you receive a confirmation of your booking.


Reservations should be made from 29/09 to 27/10

Special prices apply to the period from 22/11 up to 27/11


“Non show” & cancellation policy:

  •  If you do not appear in the hotel reception as scheduled, you are changed for the first night  and your reservation is cancelled. In order to secure your reservation you should send a notice to the “Athinais hotel” that you are coming- the notice should be received strictly by 12.00 (noon time) the next day.
  • You can cancel your reservation a day before your arrival with no extra charges. In this case you can receive your deposit back
  • In case of later cancellation you are changed for the 1st night.